GCH Willcare's Out and About Coastal Cruiser

OFA Prelim Hips Good   Elbows Prelim Normal   OFA Echo Doplar Clear   CERF Annually   OptiGen A   EIC/CNM Clear   D/D Clear   HNPK Clear   Long Coat Clear

Black carrying Chocolate

For Stud Services, please contact Sue at willcare@comcast.net or by cell phone at (603) 475-1588

MBISS GCHS Rancho's Coast To Coast BISS Ch Nipntuck Hyspire Unforgettable BISS Ch Sure Shot Hyspire Impressive
BISS Ch Blackwater's Nipntuck Cheerleader
Epoch's Jewel Ch Willcare Leisure Larry
BISS CH Epoch's Brown Baggin'
Ch Nipntuck's Out And About At Willcare MBISS GCHG Epoch's Moccasin Joe Quail Chase Broadway Joe Windfall
Epoch's Treasure
GCh Ch Nipntuck Outlaw Nipntuck One Bad Apple
Nipntuck Boot Scootin'

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